About Aquarius Installation & Maintenance

Our company was set up to meet the needs of home owners and small businesses who want to save money spent on gas, electricity, oil and water.

We started out by trying to keep our family warm and importantly not increase costs. We want to share our experiences with you, helping you to be warm and safe in an affordable and sustainable way. We offer a mix of energy saving tips and advice. We will also undertake inspection, maintenance and upgrade work within your property.

We are ethically driven and only offer services we value, trust and believe in. Unlike other Companies we don’t just want to take your cash, selling services you don’t want or need. We are here to work with you to save money and improve your world.

All our work is covered by guarantee to give you peace of mind and full details of what we are doing for you.

All services offered are sustainable, energy efficient and excellent value for money. We will discuss all available options with you and give you details of how long it will take for our work to have no cost, as you will be making permanent savings on your utility bills.

Utility prices have risen by almost 75% in the last ten years. Price could rise by up to 60% in the next FIVE years. Every day you put of improving energy efficiency will cost you in lost hard cash terms, which will increase in size the longer you do nothing.

With a couple hours of you time spent checking what you have and what we can offer you, savings of between 20% and 90% of energy costs is achievable. Savings of £500 plus per year can be achieved in many homes.

We are here to help you save money today and for many years to come. We expect most of our energy saving ideas to pay for themselves within two years. You will then have the benefit of saving year on year long into the future. We deliver a variety of energy saving services to businesses and domestic customers to save money and improve quality of life from day one. We use the best of latest energy saving equipment, together with honest, good advice.

The company is committed to give an excellent service for all customers both domestic home owners and business people. We are a Social Enterprise Company putting 50% of our profits into Community energy projects. Everyone deserves the best and can take part in the green revolution without spending thousands of pounds on elaborate energy production devices.

Impartial advice about both maximising existing equipment, changes to improve performance and looking closely at energy consumption is undertaken on a one to one basis. Customers are then able to make informed choices when purchasing new equipment, or making the most of what is already in use.

With minor changes it is possible to save £500 per year on utility bills for most homes in the UK.

Contact Ecologic  To see what measures can be taken to improve comfort and save MONEY.

AIM – Improve your world, without costing the earth.


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