Electrical Testing Saves Lives and Homes

Last week I spent a couple of hours, or so I thought it would be, sorting out a faulty central heating control unit. The old Randal unit was life expired. I replaced it with a modern digital unit. Whilst testing the supply, I found that the cable had been jointed four times in a fifteen feet run. Cable went from 0.75 flex to 1.5 twin & earth to 2.5 twin & earth then finally 1.5 flex. A connector block had burned through under the gas fire due to loose connections. Fire had been recently serviced, I pointed out the gas service only sorted gas issues. Electrical checks are not undertaken by Gas Engineers. I replaced all cables and tested, OK so far.

Once all checks completed I powered up the system for live testing. A spark flashed across the central heating pipes; bang, then the fuse blew in the switch! Turned out the pump had seized and was short circuiting through the pipework.

I checked the consumer unit, old BS3036 Wylex board with 2.5mm main bond, no bonding to gas or water services.

Came back the next day to change central heating pump, install 16mm main bond and 10mm bonds to gas and water services. All done working well, Ze 0.21Ω and Zs 0.08Ω throughout system, including radiators and water cylinder.

Each year an average of 34 people fatally electrocuted, 1100 houses fires and 2,500000 people receive electric shocks.

Electric testing saves lives and homes.

About aimhome
All aspects of energy efficiency and help with saving money spent on utility bills. Home visits undertaken to assess what is used and explain what can be done to save money. Central heating control upgrades, central heating system power flushing. Energy saving lighting surveys and installation of low energy lamps and lighting. Every day that action is not taken is an added cost in hard cash terms. Call today to see what can be done. Green Deal Ecologic Ltd, improving your world without costing the earth.

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