Fuel Poverty in England

  • Households are considered by the Government to be in ‘fuel poverty‘ if they  would have to spend more than 10% of their household income on fuel to keep their home  in a ‘satisfactory’ condition.  It is  thus a measure which compares income with what the fuel costs ‘should be’ rather  than what they actually are.  Whether a household is in fuel poverty or not is determined by the interaction of a number of factors, but the three obvious ones are:
    • The cost of energy.
    • The energy efficiency of the property (and therefore, the energy required to heat and power the home)
    • Household income.

In England 4.0 million households in England were classified as being in fuel poverty in 2009 (18% of all households).  This is three time the number of households that were in fuel poverty at the low point in 2003, and there have been increases in each year since 2003.  It is, however, still lower than the number in the mid-1990’s.

The graphs below illustrate how fuel poverty has risen over the last 15 years. The second graph shows that fuel poverty increases as energy efficiency of homes decreases.

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All aspects of energy efficiency and help with saving money spent on utility bills. Home visits undertaken to assess what is used and explain what can be done to save money. Central heating control upgrades, central heating system power flushing. Energy saving lighting surveys and installation of low energy lamps and lighting. Every day that action is not taken is an added cost in hard cash terms. Call today to see what can be done. Green Deal Ecologic Ltd, improving your world without costing the earth.

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