The best fuel saving tip in the world, and it’s free too!

The best fuel saving tip in the world, and it’s free too!

Driving into town today to collect parts for a job, I got stuck in a line of traffic moving very slowly. At the junction ahead, every so often someone wanted to turn, crossing the path of on-coming traffic.

Very few people give way. Most are too busy, late or feel self-important to let people go. Just taking 20 seconds out, slowing down to let someone turn ahead of you will save them sitting with their engine idling plus the ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred vehicles behind them, sitting there with their engines idling too. Then everyone gets more stressed and late, because someone won’t let another vehicle cross ahead, in front of them.

How many thousands of gallons of fuel are wasted every day, just because people don’t give way?

Later today and tomorrow why not try a random act of kindness? Just slow down and let someone through. It will make them feel good; hopefully they will wave and thank you. It will make you feel good; you may wave back and thank them for their politeness. That random act of kindness will also do the planet a favour by saving fuel and let us all breathe a little easier.

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All aspects of energy efficiency and help with saving money spent on utility bills. Home visits undertaken to assess what is used and explain what can be done to save money. Central heating control upgrades, central heating system power flushing. Energy saving lighting surveys and installation of low energy lamps and lighting. Every day that action is not taken is an added cost in hard cash terms. Call today to see what can be done. Green Deal Ecologic Ltd, improving your world without costing the earth.

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