Shocking freezer facts

A new fridge-freezer could pay for itself in three years!

Energy Saving Expert

The biggest consumer of electricity in the home is the refrigerator. Almost every home has fridges and freezers, and they all use over £1 billion worth of electricity each year. Refrigerators use so much energy because they’re always switched on – which is unavoidable – however you can cut the energy consumption of your fridge-freezer following these energy-saving tips:

Make sure all electrical equipment purchases are marked with the Energy Star – the global indicator of energy efficiency. Always base your purchases on running costs. Fridge-freezers should cost to run about £1.90 per cubic foot, or 160 kWh, per year. This will cost about £23.00 per year for an average sized fridge-freezer. Some of the worst new fridge-freezers cost up to £5.00 per cubic foot, or over £70.00 per year. Any fridge-freezer over 10 years old may well be costing up to £10.00 per cubic foot, or…

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All aspects of energy efficiency and help with saving money spent on utility bills. Home visits undertaken to assess what is used and explain what can be done to save money. Central heating control upgrades, central heating system power flushing. Energy saving lighting surveys and installation of low energy lamps and lighting. Every day that action is not taken is an added cost in hard cash terms. Call today to see what can be done. Green Deal Ecologic Ltd, improving your world without costing the earth.

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