Are You Paying Too Much for Hot Water?

I recently changed a defective direct water cylinder. I checked with the Customer and the spend about £100.00 per month on electricity. But the do not have any gas supply to the property. So £100.00 per month for heat, light, hot water and cooking doesn’t seem too bad.

The old cylinder was poorly lagged and life expired due to corrosion and yet another immersion heater element burning out.

The first picture shows the old cylinder including poor condition of lagging jacket and pipework.

Old direct cylinder

The old cylinder immersion heater was replaced 15 months ago. Due to poor insulation, the immersion heater eliment was under constant load, keeping the water in the cylinder hot. The new cylinder is supplied with foam lagging as standard. the label states less than 2 kWh per 24 hours, consumed  to compensate standing heat loss. This will have a huge effect on electricity consumption as the old cylinder would cool down in less than an hour having consumed almost 3 kWh of electricity to heat the cylinder full of water.

900 x 450 Direct hot water cylinder

Control equipment was installed to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. This comprised of a cylinder thermostat coupled between the load side of the fused spur [FCU] and the digital immersion heater timer. The benefit of installing the cylinder thermostat before the immersion heater timer is that if the immersion heater thermostat fails and the heater continues to operate; the cylinder thermostat will operate at the set temperature and cut the power supply to the immersion heater. This is a two stage fail safe, giving total control of water heating and electrical safety. All electrical cable is 2.5mm heat resistant flex. Not everyone’s choice, but I’ve seen plenty of burnt cables and switches. The extra 1mm of conductor will help reduce resistance, and possible heat damage.

The picture below shows the digital immersion heater timer. The new water heating system is now timed to run for a total of six hours per day. Down from 24 hours per day for the old installation. that is a 75% reduction in potential power consumption. Add to this the increased thermal efficiency of the new hot water cylinder; the electricity consumption will be up to 90% less than the levels consumed heating the un-lagged cylinder

Digital Immersion Heater Timer

We will monitor electricity usage over the next quarter to compare running costs. I expect a saving of approximately £300.00 per year on electricity. So the cost of replacement will soon be recouped in reduced electricity consumption.

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