Are You Paying Too Much for Water?

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I recently replaced a direct hot water cylinder for a Customer and got talking about water bill costs. I was amazed at how much they were paying. Their most recent water rates bill totalled £403.00 for the year. There are two adults, in their sixties, who are careful water users. They have a twin tub washing machine and share bath water.

The previous day I was working at a house with a family, two adults with a two year old child. They have a water meter fitted and pay £228.00 per year. They are also careful water users. However they have a young child, with the associated extra water requirements! Both Customers pay the same Water Company by direct debit. However the water meter Customers are paying £175.00 per year less, and probably use more water!

The tables of charges below give published costs for metered water supply. Don’t forget you also get charged for what goes down the drain. Your sewerage isn’t metered, it’s just a direct cost added to the metered water drawn off into your property. With this table of charges you can see how much your water bills should be and budget for future use based on current charges.

Water meter rates



Standing Charge

Price per m³

Standing Charge

Fixed charge

Price per  m³






The table below give approximate costs for a range of water using appliances. Costs are based on current £0.002458 per litre.


Litres per second

Litres per minute

Capacity [litres]

Cost per instance of   use

Based on rate of   £0.002458 per litre

Basin [spray]




2.5 pence

Basin [standard tap]




2.5 pence

Toilet cistern   [pre-1993]




4 pence

Dual flush cistern   [short flush]




0.6 pence

Dual flush cistern   [long flush]




1 pence

Shower [100mm rose]




22 pence

Bath [tap]




37 pence

From the table above you can make a list of water using appliances in your property. Multiply the cost shown by the daily instances. Multiply the weekly total by 350 to give an approximate annual cost. Check this against the water rates table below, to see if you would be better off with a water meter.

The following details costs for water and sewerage, extract from United Utilities list of charges

Type of premises Water Sewerage Total
Single person household £105.57 £138.62 £244.19
bungalows £225.11 £232.93 £458.04
Semi-detached houses and bungalows £205.87 £217.75 £423.62
Detached houses and Other household premises £157.78 £179.81 £337.59

Getting back to the cost comparisons between the two households; remember the metered household pay £228.00 per year and the water rate paying household pay £403.00 per year. From the table above I estimated the sixties couple costs as follows.

Daily use:

1 bath                                                 £0.37

4 basin                                               £0.10

6 toilet [pre-1993]                             £0.24

Twice weekly

Twin tub washing machine            £0.16 [based on 30 litres used per wash]

Weekly spend                                   £5.13

Total annual spend                          £256.50

Against the £403.00 water rates charge, there is a potential saving of £146.50 per year. As the bath water is shared there is no energy saving advantage to fitting a shower. However a further saving of £21.00 per year could be made by installing a more efficient dual-flush toilet.

Careful users can make considerable savings by having a water meter fitted. Have a go at costing your water use. I would be really interested to see how you get on. Please contact me if you want any further information or guidance.

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