Making the Most of Your Home Lighting

We will check your installed lighting and offer advice on fitting energy-saving lamps. We will compare prices and running costs to offer you options for replacement or upgrade of your home lighting. We want to make your home brighter, without breaking the bank.

There are many new energy-saving lamps available. LED lamps are the latest and most energy-efficient lights available. You can have the same level of brightness at the flick of a switch for up to 90% less than the cost of existing lighting equipment. We will compare costs of installation and running for all available lighting types. You can then choose what best suits your finances and requirements for future use.

We offer a lighting design service and can bring sample light fitting and lamps so you can see how they will look and work in your home.

With the correct matching of low energy lamps to your requirements can cut energy consumption by up to 90%. That turns into a massive saving on your electricity bills. The added bonus is your savings will increase as energy prices raise in the future.

Green Deal Ecologic. Improving your world without costing the earth.


About aimhome
All aspects of energy efficiency and help with saving money spent on utility bills. Home visits undertaken to assess what is used and explain what can be done to save money. Central heating control upgrades, central heating system power flushing. Energy saving lighting surveys and installation of low energy lamps and lighting. Every day that action is not taken is an added cost in hard cash terms. Call today to see what can be done. Green Deal Ecologic Ltd, improving your world without costing the earth.

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