Energy Saved by Insulating Heating and Hot/Cold Water Pipes

The energy saving potential by Insulating Heating and Hot/Cold Water Pipes is often overlooked. This article briefly details the key points and financial benefits.

There are many benefits to insulating heating and hot/cold water supply pipes. The values listed below give details of what can be saved.

Insulating pipework saves money

The data is courtesy of Armacell and based on Manchester UK for temperature figures.

Pipework   Type Optimal   Insulation Poor/No   insulation Potential   Saving
Distribution 6.93% 17.73% 10.8%
Hot   Water 2% 4.5% 2.5%
Heating 4.75% 17.5% 12.75%
Ratio   of Heat Demand 12% 39% 27%

To make sense of these percentages we can assume that a home consumes £1000.00 worth of gas per year for heating/hot water. From the above data it is possible to save up to £270.00 per year by insulating all pipework.

It is expected that most homes can have all distribution pipework insulated for approximately £450.00. The pipe insulation has a minimum life expectancy of 30 years. So if gas prices did NOT increase for 30 years the following savings could be expected £7650.00 after 30 years, or -£180.00 in year 1, +£90.00 in year 2 and £270.00 for every year thereafter.

We can also factor in saving in wear on the boiler and circulating pump. If a boiler has a lifespan of 10 years, reduced use due to efficiencies could extend this to 12 years. This could reasonably save an additional £1500.00 over 30 years. Or put another way, in 40 years you would need to purchase one LESS boiler!

Looking at water quality, we have all experienced tepid water from the cold tap. This is not pleasant and wasteful, if a few litres/pints are drawn off until cold water is flowing. This is wasted heat [money] put into cold water which should not be there.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or share your experiences of insulating pipework in your property.

Enegy Saving You Can Trust

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Full details of the Armacell data:$File/KeyTecHPEnergySaving207EN.pdf


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