Improving your world without costing the earth

Radiators are available in three main types, detailed as follows:

Type 11 Single panel, single convector. The first digit indicates 1 panel, second digit 1 convector [ridged metal fins on back of radiator]

Type 21 Double panel, single convector. The first digit indicates 2 panels, second digit 1 convector [ridged metal fins in middle of radiator, between panels]

Type 22 Double panel, double convector. The first digit indicates 2 panels, second digit 2 convectors [ridged metal fins in middle of radiator, between pa


Always check the manufacturers heat uotput data for each radiator you want to install.

Check my article on radiator sizing for further details.

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Improving your world without costing the earth

Radiators are often not correctly sized for the room size or intended use. It is important to correctly size radiators for the size of room to be heated and environmental conditions. Rooms with large windows, north facing [in northern hemisphere] and south facing [in southern hemisphere] take more energy to maintain at a comfortable temperature. Radiator sizing also needs to take account of ceiling height. As heat rises a larger radiator size is needed for higher ceilings.

Always check manufacturers data for heat output, stated in BTU/Watt values. Note bathroom towel rail type radiators are generally not suitable to heat a bathroom. Be sure to calculate room heating requirements when choosing a towel radiator.

The table below details the correct values for different types of rooms and locations. The values are based on 1m³. You can multiply the table values by the volume of your room [length x width x height] to see what you need…

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Environmentalism, and selective liberality

Environmentalism, and selective liberality.

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